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The art of a successful hotelier is to find the perfect balance of amenity, experience, comfort and a unique edge that exceeds guest's expectation. The Shard encompasses the exponents of a 5-star hotel and makes those luxuries a reality within residential living, right here in Canberra.

There has been an immense effort from the creators to design a truly spectacular way to live. Bringing luxury and style to every corner, The Shard celebrates spaces that feel like home throughout each personal residence, through the corridors, across the floors and into shared spaces.

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The Shard offers a new level of detail and refinement for Woden Town Centre. Cox have made a meaningful and iconic contribution to this important catchment area of Canberra. Woden is the geographical centre of Canberra and so it was important to introduce a well-designed building representative of Woden’s future. Our vision was to create a transformational building, one that doesn’t meet the status quo and has a bold and adventurous spirit.

The composition of The Shard is an elegant tower sitting on a sculpted podium. The building boasts a variety of rich materiality and the sculpted form presents itself in a different light from every view.

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The bathrooms are designed to set the mood for the entire day, encapsulating pure luxury, privacy and relaxation.
Two interior colour palettes ensure creating a space you unconditionally love is simple.

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